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The Big Plan

I have tried the medium plan.  I have tried the small plan.  I’ve even tried the anti-plan.  But nobody told me not to try the Big Plan.

Part 1:  Let’s Get Small

Part 2:  Archistructure (part 1)

Part 3:  Archistructure (part 2)

Part 4: Who’s doing what, by when, and then, so what, what if?

Part 5:  What is your problem?




Values:  The beliefs, standards, and ideals of an individual or society toward which the people have an effective regard.

Principles:  A basic truth, law, force, or belief.

Compass:  Range or scope; boundary or circumference.

Province:  Proper concern, as of responsibilities or duties.

Purpose:  An end of effort or action; something to be attained; plan; design; aim.

Bright Idea

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