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If you first fight lies with truth, you may not have to battle evil with power.

The truth is born of facts, mathematics, and persuasion.

America’s greatest strength may be that it is consistently underestimated.

The only good thing about the slow bureaucracy of big government is the tempo.

I am an integral.

America is not a melting pot.  It is a foundry.

Sometimes we are good.  Sometimes we are bad.  That’s why God made averages.

Lubrication is to friction as corruption is to bureaucracy.

Don’t conclude too much from too little.

People that exaggerate are boring; People that lie are dangerous.

There’s a reason we talk about things that happened 20, 30, or 50 years ago.  Because it matters now, and it mattered then.

Count your blessings they say.  But who wants to do math at a pity party?

The more the government matters, the less the individual matters.

Silence is worse than agreement.

I go to parties.  I don’t belong to them.

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