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Welcome to Hugoville ... you can visit but you can't stay

People have been saying to me, “Hugo, I had no idea you were so political.”  I say, I care not for politics, only the influence that political results have on my family, my friends, my values, and my country.  See, I don’t care about politics.  I just care about me.  And by extension, me caring about me means I care about you …. that is, if you also care about your family, your friends, your values, and your country.  I don’t lean “left;” I don’t lean “right.”  I am where I am, and unapologetically I stand.

Some may visit Hugoville and look at the cartoons, watch the videos, or listen to the music and have a tiny laugh;  or simply cite any of the above as a benchmark for their own psychosis.  Others may read the essays, peruse the News to Use, or pay particular interest to the Participation in Government/ Civics areas of the ‘Ville.  Between them all there lies a common, yet presently undefined, theme.

A purpose at Hugoville?  I agree there should be one.  Recently I said, “Together lost, together finding our way.”  I stick by that for now.

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I am Hugo. And this is Hugoville.

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