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A Cold Inauguration Day

January 21, 2013

It was so cold today in Washington I heard that Obama had his hands in his own pockets.

Today President Obama was sworn in for his second term. He was officially sworn in yesterday in a private ceremony. I swore the President off on November 7th and have been cursing him out ever since.


It’s been over two months since the night that the curiously ignorant became the dangerously ignorant. My conclusion regarding the election is that the case for American values was not effectively made to enough people.

Why do I think that, as opposed to thinking that the case was made but rejected? I have eyes and ears. Voter turnout numbers and exit polls confirm a paucity of informed citizens.

The Case for Americanism

What is the case for America? First, it must be made known that there is an American value system. It is In God We Trust, Liberty, and E Pluribus Unum. I did not originate it and I haven’t heard anything better. It is demonstrable and is unique among nations. These values are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. America has been good for its people and the world by standing on this trinity of values. Furthermore, there are values that are antithetical and, therefore, incompatible with ours. Every issue becomes clearer when viewed through the prism of the American value system.

Making the Case

How do we make the case for America? Be a missionary for American values. Don’t just know that you believe something; be able to communicate it. It’s been said the sleeping giant in the American people was awakened in 2008. In 2010 it stood. Now it has to open its mouth. Cicero said, “There is no better way to convince others than first to convince oneself.”

The Forgotten Melody

The patriot groups are often criticized for “preaching to the choir.” But the choir has forgotten the tune. What is needed is less talk about the trees and more focus on the forest. Ask yourself the tough questions and answer them out loud. Practice. What is so special about America anyways? Why is individual liberty crucial? What values are antithetical to American values? Is the Constitution a living document? Etc.

Connecting People and Ideas

We cannot be the only group that does not proselytize their values. Through practice and persuasion people will be connected with ideas – ideas that are not new. They are in their relative infancy but they are not new, and they are certainly better than the very old ideas that are now being rebranded as new. The task at hand is to remove the debris from decades of neglect, reject the weeds that sap its vigor, and nurture these values as a hungry farmer cares for his crop.

America – and the world – needs American revivalists.


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