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Tax the Rich, they Say

August 31, 2011

“Tax the rich.” “Their fair share.”  The enduring call.  The empty meme.

What exactly is this old, tired promise?  They will tell you about the super-wealthy and their inherited, unearned, and ignoble capital.  The “millionaires and billionaires” with their yachts and their planes, they cry.  They don’t even need all that money, so says President Obama.

It is a tempting notion;  it’s worth a nibble. But it demands a deeper inspection before you tilt your head back, close your eyes, and take it to your core. Look at its past, its present, and its possible futures.

What is their “fair share?”  That is the question often asked but never answered. For that matter, what is a “millionaire” or a “billionaire?”  Is it someone earning a million or a thousand million dollars each year?  They would like you to think that.  But, no. It is those accumulating wealth and on their way, possibly, to becoming millionaires and billionaires.  It is a State-sponsored and executed separation of classes of wealth, into the wealthy – which will systematically be eroded – and the sub-wealthy who will be limited by the artificial ceiling.

“Tax the rich for their fair share.”  It should read, “prevent no more millionaires and billionaires.”  The State will arbitrate. And to its agencies it will allocate; and through its departments it will distribute.  Committees and groups of elected, appointed, and employed will abide by the rules, regulations, and legislation they formulate.  The benevolent and well-intentioned government will make the hard choices based on its public and private research, analysis, insight, and influence.

Do your own research on past schemes of similar stripe.  Look abroad.  But here, now in the United States, it is happening.

Those who are bent such ways – all progressives, most liberals, some democrats, fewer republicans, and zero tea partiers – support the class warfare rhetoric and advocate new policies and broader regulations to “protect the middle class.”

And the young-minded, the easily persuaded, and passersby do nothing approvingly.

The fact that you cannot understand how the federal government can take money out of the economy, pass it through exponential layers of public and private enterprise and create more wealth for everyone demonstrates your ineligibility to even discuss such things.  Ignore physics.  Forget that, as water moves through a pipe, friction and gravity erode its power.  Dismiss your understanding that, as sound travels through the air, it is diminished.  Forget all you know and accept that there is a government multiplier that, as wealth is confiscated and redistributed via the State machine, efficiencies are greater than unity and a near-magical venturi effect pulls wealth, previously unknowable, into the jet stream of the government money flow.

You can’t understand it.  You can’t see it; or hear it.  Or smell, taste, or feel it.  It is not common sense.  It is nonsense.

But as the young socialists and aging hippies say, “Eat the rich and grind their bones into flour.”

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  1. louis m. pinto permalink
    September 1, 2011 7:09 am

    Nothing new here! All part of this administration pushing Socialism. That’s it, “tear down the economy first, and then let the people become puppets to the US Government”.

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