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The Truth Feels Good

August 11, 2011

This past Saturday night I was stretching out with an old friend, warming up for our wives’ high school reunion.  Halfway through a pair of double Scotch whiskeys I postulated that the three greatest feelings in the world, in order, are Love, the Truth, and Simplicity.  Today I’ll put a brief spotlight on the truth.

In a recent article in Wired Magazine, editor in chief Chris Anderson interviewed Microsoft founder and co-chair of the world’s largest foundation, Bill Gates, about the future of energy, alternative fuels, etc.  On the topic of solar arrays for individual homes, Gates commented on the safety aspect of installing high-temperature systems on people’s roofs.  The interviewer then supposed aloud that we will not find any solar cells at Gates’ home, to which Bill Gates replied, in part: “For rich people, this is OK. Rich people can do whatever they want.”

Doesn’t the truth feel good?

Next, take Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.  This past Sunday (August 7, 2011), Mayor Nutter addressed his congregation at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church on the recent youth violence targeting residents of and visitors to downtown Philly.  The entire clip below is 30 minutes;  but if you want to hear the great crescendo to his monologue, pick it up at the 27 minute 30 second mark and listen to the last three minutes.


Our last spotlight on Truth this week features Felonious Munk – unknown to me before today but I believe he is an artist, musician, and/ or comedian.  Caution:  contains vulgar language.



The truth – life’s 2nd greatest feeling.

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