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Smallness and Bigness

April 21, 2011
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There’s an unceasing conflict and contrast in many of life’s things between Smallness and Bigness.  In the natural order, smallness precedes bigness.  Small fish become big fish.  Saplings become trees.

Our engineered world often follows suit.  Small-capacity machines become big-capacity machines.  Members of small strength become members of large strength.  Minor efficiencies become major efficiencies.  Small-time organizations and businesses can become big-time concerns.  The most minor human unit bonds with another and can, through procreative and accretive activities, forge larger families along blood lines and friendship.

Many well-executed, small efforts yield great, big results.

Yet a poor spark, deprived of fuel or oxygen, will not take and become the small fire; and the small fire, if not of sufficient quality, will not become the big fire it is to be.

So tell me, can a small lie become a big truth?  Will a little evil manifest expansive goodness?


Why then does it seem on parade a cast of men and women of small character but big influence?  A person with lowly aspirations could hardly source inspiration to another.  Folks with small principles would not be expected to be carriers of big, robust value systems.

The paradoxes are observable on a daily basis if you’d care to look.  Big conclusions are drawn from small facts.  Big plans are cast from small reasoning.  Small and unworthy rhetoric is exchanged on the biggest and ultimate issues.  Too many of us have small views on the individual obligations and responsibilities required of our roles, but can render a big and clear picture of our assumed right to deliverance from duty, offense, failure, and hardship.

You don’t have to be great at Small before you’re good at Big.  But I’ll tell you this like I’d tell a friend:  if you be pitiful in your Smallness – with a poverty of humanity, moral flabbiness, or an unapproached perspective on your reason for living – do us all a favor and don’t try anything Big.

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  1. The Castleton Crusader :) AKA Kristi Nastars permalink
    April 22, 2011 6:12 pm

    Hey Hugo-I’ve missed hearing you think…spring has sprung and Hugo is back!

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