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In Search of (a balance of) Power

July 30, 2010

Last night, late, I almost checked out.  Figuratively.  I was doing research for an article I thought I wanted to write when I came across an article, tangential yet related, to my subject.  After reading it (what is was is unimportant at this time), I snapped shut the lid of my notebook computer and wandered around the dark, lower floor of my house mumbling to myself.  I probably was saying something like:  “They’re right.  This has been going on for such a long time.  It’s so complicated and intertwined.  What can I possibly do about it?  I should just, like many of my friends and family tell me, worry about what I can control.  Make strong and healthy myself, my family, and my faith.  And we’ll see what happens.”  And so I went to bed and again dreamed of maggots curiously surfacing wherever my dream state took me.

But today, like an angel on horseback (or if you prefer, bacon wrapped around a scallop), I read something.  And now, my friends, and I mean right now – I am renewed like never before.  All thanks to an article written by someone I never heard of before.  Actually, it is quite a bit longer than an article or even an essay;  it is more like a book of the size I prefer, printing out to 21 pages.  The piece, “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution“, was written by Angelo M. Codevilla and appears at The American Spectator.  If you have been at ease, or uncomfortable for that matter, and at work on other things the last few months, years, or decades even, has Mr. Codevilla got a gift for you.  Or if you have checked out on all things “political,” I implore you to dip your toe back in for a moment and see if anything, if not everything, in the article I reference resonates.  My only advice is to take it slow with this one and have a dictionary handy.  At the risk of sounding too much like the adolescent kid who says, “You gotta listen to this; it’s the best song ever,” it would not surprise me if this essay is later revered as one of the seminal works in advance of the Second Political Revolution.

Thus if you are not among the favored guests at the table where officials make detailed lists of who is to receive what at whose expense, you are on the menu.

Angelo Codevilla in “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution”

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