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The Big Plan: Who’s doing what, by when, and then, so what, what if?

July 9, 2010

Everyone’s always talking about a “plan.”  Plans for fun:  “What’s the plan?”  A plan for eating: “Have you made plans for dinner?”  Investment and corporate plans:  “Can we see your business plan?”  Career plans; architectural plans;  life plans; death plans.  In my modest existence thus far, I’ve made a lot of plans.  I’ve broken my share of plans, too.  I’ve changed or otherwise amended and improved plans.  I’ve made plans to make plans.  Don’t judge me.  If you have a serious plan to develop, you’d be well-advised to allocate time to craft that plan.

I’ve tried small plans.  I’ve tried medium plans.  I have even tried the anti-plan.  I’ve aggregated and segregated, and sometimes simultaneously executed, plans of all shapes and sizes.  Each one worked with its own degree of success. But not one by itself could provide what I needed: a self-balancing framework by which I could get done all that I needed to get done, all the things I wanted to get done, and uncover the things I needed to get done but was unaware of their need to be done.  I was in search of a self-calibrating model to prioritize and order the increasing concerns that naturally come with age, expanding family, and  growing personal and professional obligations … all delicately balanced against the one unforgiving constraint of time.

Fifteen years later, I present a crude outline of The Big Plan.

1. Know for what you stand.

a. What is important to you?

b. Why?

c. How much?

d. So what?

2. Be able to communicate your values with enthusiasm and economy.

3. Promote, preserve, and protect what is important to you.


We’ll discuss these steps and so much more in subsequent series.



The Universal Question (Who’s doing what, by when, and then, so what, what if?), or the Uni-Q™,  is the property of Hugoville but can be applied liberally when appropriately credited.
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