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I got tired of calling my congressmen … I’ve been calling yours, too

November 5, 2009

Yup.  My guys presumably got tired of hearing from me at their local and D.C. offices via email, telephone, fax, and political spoofery.  So I started calling other states and districts, politely and sincerely asking that my message gets relayed to the Congressman or Senator.

Hi, I wanted to weigh in on health care reform.  I am strongly opposed to passage of the bill.  I am independent of any party, a small business owner, historically middle-of-the-road politically … and quiet.  I strongly encourage the congressman/ senator to oppose this legislation.  If not, he/ she could find at reelection a wave of opposition from around the country that can not be neutralized with campaign dollars.

Only once so far did the call handler seem to question the appropriateness of my call, not being a constituent. It had occurred to me that my expressed concern would be discounted for that reason but I did not expect to have to defend my right to call.  I said:

I do believe I am validated in calling even though I do not live there because the congressman’s vote will significantly and personally impact my family.  That is why I am calling.  Although I cannot vote for Congressman XXXXXXX, I certainly can work to influence people to vote against him.

Contact your  senators.  Contact your congressman.  Contact mine, too.

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