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TRANSCRIPT: Hugo Calls Senator – “2 Things”

October 21, 2009

[09:23]  Ring, ring … ring, ring.
(Phone attendant): Senator XXXXXX’s office;  My name is Greg.  What can I do for you?

HUGO: Hey there.  Good morning to you.  My name is Hugo and I live in zip code XXXXX. I have 2 things I would very much like you to pass on to Senator XXXXXX.

Number 1. If he votes for this health care reform package, I will not vote for him when he’s up for reelection.

Number 2. If he does not argue vigorously and publicly for a full CBO scoring and a 5-day review period before voting on the final bill, I will actively campaign against him.  I will use every professional and social network I have to work against the Senator if he does not demand a full CBO scoring of the final bill and a 5-day review period after that.

Greg: Ok, sir.  I would imagine that the final legislation would go through the detailed, or full, CBO evaluation before coming to the floor.


HUGO:  I can “imagine” it, too, Greg.  But there are signs to the contrary. And once it’s done, it’s done.  That is why I am calling you to clearly let the Senator know what I will do if the absolutely least responsible things – like a CBO analysis and adequate time for the Congress and the People to review the bill – are forsaken.

Greg: I understand.  I will give this message to the Senator.


HUGO:  Thank you, Greg.  Keep up the good work.


Greg:  Thank you for calling.  Can I get your zip code again?


HUGO:  Sure.  I am Hugo and I’m up in zippy XXXXX.  Take care, Greg.



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