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FAX: Hugo Faxes Congress

October 21, 2009

Hugo's fax to Congress #1

  1. Probitee permalink
    October 21, 2009 4:48 pm

    Hugo, there is a tone of frustration in your recent postings which we can all
    understand, but consider the poll released today by

    CNN/Opinion Research Corporation
    . When 1,038 adult  Americans were
    asked, "What do you think would be better for the country — if Congress
    passed a bill to change the
    country's health care system along the lines of what Barack Obama has proposed,
    or if the current system were left in place with no changes?",
    53% would
    want the bill passed. In spite of result, the plan to reform health care appears
    to be a deadlock between those in favor of it and those opposed to it. Some
    purport that the issue is too complex to be made clear in a poll question as
    reported in

    "The Daily Beast"
    . Another interesting vote took place in the House
    Judiciary Committee today that repeals antitrust protections for health
    insurers. "The legislation would repeal portions of the 1945 McCarran-Ferguson
    Act that allows states to regulate health insurance providers without federal
    intervention." as stated in The Washington Post article by
    Shailagh Murray


  2. Hugo permalink*
    October 21, 2009 5:56 pm

    Do you speak of the same CNN that did a poll after the President’s speech to Congress on health care reform on September 9? CNN broadcast it as a Double-digit post-speech jump in approval for the President’s plan. Behind the #s, it’s a little different. In that poll, the pollsters interviewed 427 Americans before and after their speech. According to CNN’s report: “18% of the respondents who participated in tonight’s survey identified themselves as Republicans, 45% identified themselves as Democrats, and 37% identified themselves as Independents.”

    Admittedly, I am not up on the 1945 Mc-Ferg Act you cited. I did read some after your comment. It sounds like the vote just opened the insurers up to be paraded through Congress to dispute allegations of price fixing, monopolistic power, etc. I read that the Judiciary Chairman John Conyers said. “This measure fixes a mistake sitting on the federal statutes for over 60 years.” …. A mistake? Just sitting there for 60 years. Is that like the $400Billion in medicare waste and fraud that is willed to disappear through legislation?

    Thanks, Probitee. And welcome to Hugoville. It’s a pleasure to have you.


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