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TRANSCRIPT: Hugo Calls Senator – “Stop the Spending”

October 20, 2009

[09:17]  Ring, ring … ring, ring.
(Phone attendant): This is the office of Senator XXXXXX. My name is Andrew. How can I help you?

HUGO: Good morning, Andrew. My name is Hugo and I am a constituent of Senator XXXXXX. I live in zip code XXXXX. I wanted to call and register my opinion on the health care reform legislation with the senator.

Andrew: Ok. Sure. What would you like me to tell Senator XXXXXX?


HUGO:  Just three words: Stop the spending. That’s it. Stop the spending … He needs to stop this bill. Enough. We need focus on jobs and the Dollar. … That’s all I got.  Do you have any questions for me?

Andrew: Uh, no, sir.  I’m just writing down what you are saying.  I will pass this on to Senator XXXXX.


HUGO:  Thank you.  You know, Andrew, I don’t even like to talk to my friends and family anymore.  I mean, we’ve been talking about this for a long time now it seems.  But lately, it is all that we talk about.  Everyone is talking.  And we don’t want this health care reform.  Please, tell the Senator to take the rest of the year off;  I’m sure he deserves it.  This legislation needs to be stopped … now.  That’s all I got.


Andrew:  (laughter)  I hear you.  Yea. It’s crazy. I will pass your message on to the Senator.  Uh, actually, can I get your last name and address?


HUGO:  I’m Hugo.  And I am already on the mailing and email list;  I’ve called before.  Thanks, Andrew.  Keep up the good work.


Andrew:  Well, thank you, sir.  You too.


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