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Now That’s Acting …

October 2, 2009

10/02/09, 3:02 pm EST:  This report just in from a man pretending to be working on the “Technical Staff” of a movie being filmed “on location” near his office ….

“They filmed a van flipping over a bunch of parked cars today right outside the building.  One of the hydrogen canisters prematurely exploded down the street before the cameras were rolling.  It was a pretty tense moment on the set but everyone was relived to hear that nobody was hurt.  The shooting was delayed for a couple of hours.  Around lunch time I grabbed my ID again and was able to get on the other side of the street to where the crew was staged.  I was standing right behind the director (who was sitting in his director’s chair) watching the scene on the monitor matrix (that’s film industry talk) and live.  This white van comes ripping down the street, hits a couple of ramps and goes flying into the parked cars.  There was an explosion, sounds of shattering glass and twisting metal.  After the stunt guys got out and we knew they were OK everybody broke out in applause and cheers.  It was pretty awesome.  After a little bit, the crew went out into the street to survey the carnage.  So I joined them.  The stunt guys were pumped!  I keep saying to them nice job, nice job.  Pretty cool day.”

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