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Hugo’s Secrets for Daily Victory

September 5, 2009

Hugo scouts

A good life begins with a good day. Always tell the truth. Rise early. Be not afraid to work diligently with your hands and your mind. Be abstemious. Be frugal. Treat everyone with civility and respect. Understand the purpose of everything you do. Have gratitude. Accomplish what you undertake. Decide, plan, adjust, and persevere. Do what matters most first and your least favored duties before that. Not one day you are living has been promised to you. Make your word as good as your signature. If asked to help, do. If you need help, ask. Give nor accept too large credit. Work hard to build a good reputation and work harder to preserve it. Keep few secrets and break no promises. Be resolute; difficulties are surmounted by opposition. Speed costs, but the currency is not your integrity.  Self-confidence and self-reliance are your capital. Be not overly-sanguine but do not underrate your own abilities. Lean on yourself when you walk. Keep good company. You have a moral obligation to be happy. Be yourself; no one else will. There are times for doing, and times for doing nothing. Know where you stand and for what you will fall. The best remedy for unhappiness is to act happy. Freedom is a recallable gift that must be earned and protected. Seek clarity first and agreement second when dealing with others. Quality effort yields quality work. Always tell the truth. A good life begins with a good day.

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